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How to generate high quality leads? Lead generation is the first step in the customer acquisition process. This step is one of the most important and allows you to capture a share of the market. So, what are the techniques to adopt to generate more leads? This complete guide gives you all the advice to carry out your strategy.

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What is lead generation?

"Lead" is an English term used to designate a contact of a commercial nature. On the one hand, it is a direct interaction with the sales representative at the point of sale. On the other hand, it is an indirect contact via a site, a call... This term is generally used in B To B (Business To business) and B To C (Business To consumer) marketing during a purchasing cycle. In addition, some marketers confuse the lead with the prospect. On the one hand, the lead implies an upstream commercial contact. On the other hand, the prospect is a lead likely to be converted into a customer. While the disqualified lead is excluded from marketing targets, the informational lead is used to designate an individual looking for information before proceeding with the act of purchase. Finally, the commercial lead refers to an individual expressing the desire to acquire the product.

Prospect lead generation, otherwise known as "lead generation" or "lead gen", is an expression used in the world of B To B marketing. Lead generation refers to a set of marketing strategies intended to capture the contact details of contacts who have expressed an interest in the company's services or products. These techniques relate to digital technologies. However, lead selection is done using a technique called lead scoring. Digital technology now makes it possible to facilitate lead generation by creating ebooks, organizing web conferences, sending scenarios via e-mailing, etc. From this data, we could evaluate a contact according to different criteria and assign it a score that can be improved as various marketing follow-ups are carried out. Ultimately, lead generation aims to maximize a company's business service.

The reasons to set up a lead generation with Yellow Pages Scraper

Generating leads has many benefits :

  • set your company apart from the competition,
  • increase the number of customers,
  • convert prospects into customers,
  • improve revenue,
  • help to get reliable allies.

To win new customers thanks to the data generated by Yellow Pages Scraper

Lead generation brings benefits when it comes to marketing strategy. Indeed, clearly affordable, this system does not require a large investment to target new prospects. As a result, lead generation is among the least expensive marketing strategies while remaining among the most relevant. It is cheaper than other traditional techniques. This hypothesis is confirmed by a Hubspot survey, highlighting that lead generation generates 62% less costs than other more traditional techniques. The comparison between an investment in a television campaign and an investment in an advertising campaign through social networks or even in an emailing campaign confirms this hypothesis. This method converts a considerable amount of leads into customers. Indeed, it is essential to know the future customer well from the beginning of the purchase process, before all other marketing strategies, in order to better convince the latter to purchase the product. This support allows you to better identify the prospect. In this way, it will be easier for you to carry out a commercial follow-up with the latter, to influence him and to ultimately bring him to commit to the purchase.

To stand out from the competition

On the web, competition is fierce. However, opting for a lead generation campaign is an effective way to establish your notoriety. It is also the best technique for developing business leads. A good lead generation campaign ensures better visibility on search engines. This visibility implies high traffic and better targeting (including new prospects foreign to your product). Therefore, your company will be able to dominate new markets and confirm its position in the current market. Furthermore, lead generation involves the creation of unique and high-quality content. Thus, offering relevant and useful content for the Internet user allows you to beat your competitors, or even to appropriate a share of their market.

The inbound strategy in lead generation

The inbound marketing strategy ensures better traffic acquisition. SEO is an inbound marketing channel. Thanks to this strategy, the visibility of your site is optimized on search engines and social media. Thus, this strategy guarantees better qualified traffic, especially since it seems essential to attract the audience in order to stand out from the competition. Indeed, this strategy aims to maximize the conversion rate, the interest being ultimately to increase your turnover. The inbound strategy automates your marketing actions to identify and select the right leads. This technique creates an effective conversion tunnel to promote better targeting. To generate more leads, the inbound marketing strategy must be broken down into 4 successive stages.

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